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Artifacts (Trials of Atlantis)

By popular request I will be implementing a feature to track which mobs can be used to level each ToA artifact. Look for it here in the future.

Artifact Name
A Flask
A Healers Embrace
Alvarus's Leggings
Aten's Shield
Band of Stars
Belt of Oglidarsh
Belt of the Moon
Belt of the Sun
Braggart's Bow
Ceremonial Bracers
Crocodile Tear Ring
Crown of Zahur
Cycloptic Shield
Dream Sphere
Eerie Darkness Stone
Egg of Youth
Erinys Charm
Fool's Bow
Gem of Lost Memories
Goddess Necklace
Golden Scarab Vest
Guard of Valor
Harpy Feather Cloak
Jacina's Sash
Kalare's Necklace
Maddening Scalars
Malice's Axe
Malice's Mace
Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves
Nailah's Robe
Nailah's Vest
Orion's Belt
Phoebus Harp Necklace
Ring of Dances
Ring of Fire
Ring of Unyielding Will
Shades of Mist
Snakecharmer's Whip
Spear of Kings
Staff of the God
Tablet of Atlantis
Tartaros Gift
The Crocodile's Tooth
The Golden Spear
The Scorpions Tail
The Snakecharmer's Greave
The Snakecharmer's Whip
The Winged Helm
Traitor's Dagger
Traldor's Oracle
Wings Dive


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