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Camelot Auto-Bestiary: Factions

Realm: [Shared] [Albion] [Hibernia] [Midgard] [Atlantis]

Factions for realm of Atlantis

Faction Name
 Annoying Harpies 
 Bisul vs Centaurs 
 Chylses Tribe 
 Cyclops Hegeomai 
 Devourer of Millions 
 Eleutheros Cyclopes 
 Fires of Hephaestus 
 Gaderian Citizens 
 Great Forge 
 Guardians of An-uat 
 Guardians of Paleognosis 
 Mau of Bastet 
 Mau of Sekhmet 
 Melos Alliance 
 Naxos Society 
 Obeboddoklan tribe 
 People in the Image of Seth 
 Pride of Mesedsubastet 
 Protectors of Anubis 
 Skyros Order 
 Sobekite Khem 
 Sobekite Khu 
 Sobkite Khem 
 Volurgon of Volcanus 


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