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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary - How to Help

1. Submit Logs

It's easy! Just push 'L' to enable logging while playing DAoC. When you are done, go to the log submission page and choose to upload your 'chat.log' file from your DAoC game directory.

2. Make a Donation

3. Send me data corrections

The two most common problems in the database are:

If you spot these problems, PLEASE email me so I can correct them! (Email info is at the bottom of the page.)

I can and often do edit the database by hand to correct these issues, but only if I know about them!

4. Suggest Improvements

When I find the time, I'm working on the improvements listed on the About Page -- but please let me know if you have additional ideas! Also, let me know which new features you will find most useful, and I will try to work on them first.

Please also send me ideas on how to make the site easier to use and to submit logs to.

5. Help update the Manually Entered Data list

While most of the database is automatically generated from logs, there are a few pieces entered by hand, and I need help keeping this list up to date:


Send notifications of errors in the database content, feedback (positive or negative), bug reports, suggestions, etc to daoc@spamfree.mindkayak.com. (Remove the 'spamfree.' prefix to email me successfully.)
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