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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Item: crude hide cloak

Mobs That Drop This Item

All mob drop percentages are estimates.
Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.

MobItem Drop Rate# Dropped
nereid wizard33 %1
triton healer33 %1
Alyciana3 %1
Melos priestess2 %3
Melos guardsman0.9 %3
Naxos darkbringer0.8 %2
Melos defender0.6 %2
Naxos cultivator0.4 %1
Skyros tracker0.3 %3
Melos frenzied blade0.3 %1
Skyros sea mage0.3 %2
Melos spear fisher0.3 %2
Skyros tidal warrior0.3 %2
Naxos ambusher0.2 %1
Melos harper0.2 %3
Melos execrator0.2 %2
Naxos spirit mage0.2 %1
Naxos staghorn0.2 %1
Melos exemplar0.2 %1
Melos revitalizer0.2 %2
Melos gyre0.2 %1
Skyros stormbringer0.1 %1
Skyros camouflager0.1 %2
Skyros stalker0.1 %1
Skyros tidal soldier0.1 %1
Skyros trapper0.1 %1

Item Stats Delve Information

Each reported variation on stats is shown (because stats can vary for unique objects and multi-realm objects).
The '#' symbol has been substituted for values that change during object use (e.g., condition).
The most recent delves are listed first (sometimes Mythic changes the stats of items).

VariationDate Last DelvedDelve Text

No delve information found


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