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Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Zone: Tepok's Mine (Albion)

[Mobs] [Items]

Items Dropped in Zone

(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
Death Seer's Staff
Death Servant's Staff
Fire-forged Boots
Fire-forged Coif
Fire-forged Hauberk
Fire-forged Leggings
Fire-forged Mittens
Fire-forged Pike
Fire-forged Sleeves
glowing Sarel Sebian Smasher
glowing Sebian War Mattock
Goblin Archer Crossbow
Goblin Archer Short Bow
Goblin Cleaver
Goblin Defender
Goblin Excavator's Flute
Goblin Gem of Resistance
Goblin Goldminer Coif
Goblin Goldminer Hauberk
Goblin Goldminer Sleeves
Goblin Protector
Goblin Reaver
Goblin Staff of Body Magic
Goblin Staff of Cold Magic
Goblin Staff of Matter Magic
Goblin Tower Shield
Goblin War Hammer
Goblin-forged Breastplate
Goblin-forged Chain of Strength
Goblin-forged Plate Gauntlets
Goblin-forged Plate Helm
Goblin-forged Ring of Health
Goblinskin Belt
Goblinskin Bracer
Goblinskin Leggings
Hob Hunter Belt
Hob Hunter Boots
Hob Hunter Cloak
Hob Hunter Hammer
Hob Hunter Necklace
Hob Hunter Vest
Juggernaut Great Falcata
lustrous Serrated Head Cleaver
Morvel Mauler
pitted Whisperer of Death
Robe of the Overseer
Sarel Sebian Smasher
Silken Hob Hunter Robe
Tepok's Chestpiece
Woebegone Miner Leggings
bag of coins
black star diopside
blue spinel
bottle of fine goblin wine
bottle of goblin wine
cat's eye apatite
cat's eye opal
cave bear claw
cave bear cub pelt
cave bear meat
cave bear pelt
cave bear skin
cave bear tooth
cave fisher leg tip
cave lion pelt
chrome diopside
copper brooch
damaged cave lion skin
derg fillet
fisher hatcher carapace
fisher hatcher leg tip
flask of whiskey
goblinskin backpack
golden goblin totem
green tourmaline
large chest
miner's gold gambling dice
miner's golden flask
pile of glimmering metallic dust
pitted bronze broadsword
pitted bronze dagger
pitted bronze great sword
pitted bronze hand axe
pitted bronze short sword
pristine cave bear cub pelt
pristine cave bear pelt
pristine cave bear skin
pristine cave lion skin
pristine stalker pelt
silver armband
small chest
some copper coins
stalker pelt
string of polished beads
tattered leather sleeves
tattered rawhide leather boots
tattered rawhide leather gloves
tattered rawhide leather helm
tattered rawhide leather jerkin
tattered rawhide leather leggings
tattered rawhide leather sleeves
water opal


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