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Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Zone: Yggdra Forest (Midgard)

[Mobs] [Items]

Items Dropped in Zone

(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
Adroit Bracer (U)
Adroit Double-bladed Axe
Adroit girdle (U)
Adroit Great Axe
Adroit Jewel (U)
Adroit Kite Shield (U)
Adroit Mace (U)
Adroit Nadurtha Boots (U)
Adroit Padded Cap (U)
Adroit Ring (U)
Adroit Round Shield (U)
Adroit Small Hammer (U)
Adroit Spiked Axe (U)
Adroit Spiked Hammer (U)
Adroit Stelskodd Boots
Adroit Svarkedja Leggings (U)
Adroit Svarskodd Helm (U)
Adroit Two-Handed War Hammer (U)
Adroit War Axe (U)
Adroit War Cleaver (U)
Arcane Battle Hammer
Arcane Belt (U)
Arcane Chain Legs (U)
Arcane Cloak (U)
Arcane Girdle (U)
Arcane Great Sword (U)
Arcane Kite Shield (U)
Arcane Mail Gloves (U)
Arcane Mail Hauberk (U)
Arcane Padded Gloves (U)
Arcane Padded Pants (U)
Arcane Pansarkedja Boots (U)
Arcane Pansarkedja Leggings (U)
Arcane Pendant (U)
Arcane Quilted Boots (U)
Arcane Quilted Vest (U)
Arcane Rapier (U)
Arcane Small Hammer
Arcane Starkakedja Hauberk
Arcane Svarkedja Leggings (U)
Arcane Two-Handed War Hammer (U)
Battering Chainmail Boots (U)
Battering Great Hammer (U)
Battering Quilted Boots (U)
Bladeblocker Bearded Axe
Bladeblocker Bladed Fang Greave (U)
Bladeblocker Bracer (U)
Bladeblocker Double-bladed Axe (U)
Bladeblocker Gem (U)
Bladeblocker Pansarkedja Sleeves (U)
Bladeblocker Svarskodd Gloves (U)
Bladeblocker Svarskodd Helm (U)
Bladeblocker Svarskodd Leggings
Bladeblocker War Cleaver
Bluntbender Belt (U)
Bluntbender Cloak (U)
Bluntbender Girdle (U)
Bluntbender Ring (U)
Bluntbender Round Shield
Bluntbender Spiked Hammer (U)
Bluntbender Starklaedar Gloves
Bluntbender Two-Handed Sword (U)
Bodybender Hammer (U)
Bodybender Large Hammer
Bodybender Lute (U)
Bodybender Padded Pants (U)
Bodybender Pansarkedja Sleeves
Bodybender Small Hammer
Bodybender Spiked Circlet (U)
Bodybender Starkakedja Leggings
Bodybender Stelskodd Jerkin
Bodybender Svarlaedar Jerkin (U)
Bodymender Bracelet
Bodymender Choker (U)
Bodymender Cloak (U)
Bodymender Girdle (U)
Bodymender Pick Hammer
Bodymender Round Shield
Bodymender Small Hammer
Bodymender Spiked Hammer
Bodymender Starkakedja Hauberk (U)
Bodymender Svarkedja Helm
brilliant Fortifying dwarven short sword
brilliant Icebender great sword
Cleaving Stelskodd Boots
Cleaving Stelskodd Gloves
Cursed Darksteel Runic Staff
Demolishing Cloak (U)
Demolishing Pansarkedja Leggings (U)
Demolishing Pendant (U)
Demolishing Svarkedja Boots
Demolishing Svarkedja Gloves
Earthbound Invoker Staff (U)
Earthsplitter Belt (U)
Edgebender Belt (U)
Edgebender Bracer (U)
Edgebender Choker (U)
Edgebender Great Hammer (U)
Edgebender Guarded Rapier (U)
Edgebender Jewel (U)
Edgebender Pansarkedja Gloves (U)
Edgebender Quilted Pants (U)
Edgebender Rapier (U)
Edgebender Starkaskodd Boots
Edgebender Starkaskodd Jerkin
Edgebender Svarkedja Helm (U)
Edgebender Svarskodd Boots (U)
emblem of Albion
emblem of Hibernia
Empowering Choker (U)
Empowering Great Hammer
Empowering Hammer
Empowering Jewel
Empowering Kite Shield
Empowering Pansarkedja Hauberk (U)
Empowering Ring
Empowering Spiked Hammer
Empowering Svarkedja Boots
Empowering Svarkedja Hauberk (U)
Energybender Bastard Sword (U)
Energybender Bracelet (U)
Energybender Chain Boots (U)
Energybender Chain Mittens (U)
Energybender Cloak (U)
Energybender Girdle (U)
Energybender Hooded Mantle (U)
Energybender Pansarkedja Boots
Energybender Pendant (U)
Energybender Ring (U)
Fenrir Tracker Paw
Firebound Invoker Staff (U)
Flameborn Quilted Boots (U)
Fogbound Focus Invoker Staff (U)
Forged Darksteel Spirit Staff
Fortifying Chain Legs (U)
Fortifying Choker (U)
Fortifying Cloak (U)
Fortifying Gem (U)
Fortifying Jewel (U)
Fortifying Kite Shield (U)
Fortifying Long Sword (U)
Fortifying Mantle (U)
Fortifying Pansarkedja Boots (U)
Fortifying Pick Hammer (U)
Fortifying Quilted Gloves (U)
Fortifying Ring (U)
Fortifying Round Shield (U)
Fortifying Scimitar (U)
Fortifying Spiked Hammer (U)
Fortifying Steeple Hat (U)
Fortifying Stelskodd Jerkin
Fortifying Svarkedja Hauberk (U)
Fortifying Two-Handed Sword (U)
Fortifying War Circlet
Fortifying War Hammer (U)
Frosted Grimel Root
Frozen Teardrop
Ghostly Necklace
Giant Snow Crab Claw
Glib Cloak (U)
Glib Drum (U)
Glib Hooded Mantle (U)
Glib Round Shield (U)
Glib Short Sword
Glib Svarkedja Hauberk
Glib Svarkedja Sleeves
Hawk Belt (U)
Heatbender Chain Mittens (U)
Heatbender Cloak (U)
Heatbender Double-bladed Axe
Heatbender Jewel (U)
Heatbender Pansarkedja Gloves
Heatbender Ring (U)
Heatbender Stelskodd Boots (U)
Heatbender Two-Handed War Hammer (U)
Honed Fluted Full Helm (U)
Honed Pendant (U)
Ice Cold Giant Blood
Ice Creature Corpse
Ice Shard
Icebender Belt (U)
Icebender Dwarven Short Sword
Icebender Gem (U)
Icebender Girdle (U)
Icebender Hooded Mantle (U)
Icebender Jewel (U)
Icebender Long Sword
Icebender Longbow
Icebender Mantle (U)
Icebender Padded Vest (U)
Icebender Pansarkedja Hauberk (U)
Icebender Round Shield (U)
Icebender Short Sword (U)
Icebender Svarkedja Hauberk
Icebender Svarkedja Leggings
Icebender Svarskodd Gloves (U)
Icebender War Hammer
Iceborn Quilted Gloves (U)
IllegalString (U)
Impaling Starkaskodd Sleeves (U)
Insightful Gem (U)
Insightful Quilted Gloves (U)
Insightful Quilted Sleeves (U)
Latticed Shadow Gauntlets
Latticed Shadow Helm
Latticed Shadow Vest
Lifetaker Mjuklaedar Leggings (U)
Lifetaker Svarlaedar Jerkin
Lifetaker War Cleaver
Malefic Tooth
Martial Girdle (U)
Martial Jewel (U)
Martial Svarskodd Jerkin (U)
Matterbender Bastard Sword (U)
Matterbender Jewel (U)
Matterbender Large Hammer
Matterbender Ring (U)
Matterbender Scimitar (U)
Matterbender Small Hammer (U)
Matterbender Tower Shield (U)
Matterbender Wrap (U)
Melodic Bracer (U)
Mighty Bastard Sword (U)
Mighty Bladed Moon Fang (U)
Mighty Bracer (U)
Mighty Broadsword (U)
Mighty Chain Boots (U)
Mighty Dwarven Great Sword (U)
Mighty Dwarven Short Sword (U)
Mighty Girdle (U)
Mighty Great Sword (U)
Mighty Hooded Mantle (U)
Mighty Kite Shield (U)
Mighty Long Sword (U)
Mighty Pansarkedja Sleeves
Mighty Round Shield (U)
Mighty Short Sword (U)
Mighty Spiked Axe (U)
Mighty Starklaedar Sleeves (U)
Mighty Stelskodd Gloves (U)
Mighty Svarkedja Hauberk
Mighty Svarlaedar Boots (U)
Painbound Focus Invoker Staff (U)
Perforator Mail Sleeves (U)
Perforator Studded Helm (U)
Plantbound Cloak (U)
Protector's Gem (U)
Protector's Pansarkedja Boots (U)
Protector's Round Shield (U)
Razored Daingean Hauberk
Red Eye
Runebender Padded Cap (U)
Runebender Padded Vest (U)
Runebender Steeple Hat (U)
Runebound Focus Invoker Staff (U)
Runebound Focus Staff
Serrated Bracer (U)
Serrated Cloak (U)
Serrated Mjuklaedar Leggings
Serrated Ring (U)
Shadowbender Padded Pants (U)
Shadowsteel Lattice
Shadowwalker Bastard Sword
Shadowwalker Double-bladed Axe
Shadowwalker Great Axe
Shadowwalker Mjuklaedar Jerkin (U)
Shadowwalker Stelskodd Jerkin
Shadowwalker Suede Circlet
Soul Crusher Invoker Staff
Soulbound Focus Invoker Staff (U)
Speedy Bastard Sword (U)
Speedy Bracer (U)
Speedy Cloak (U)
Speedy Gem (U)
Speedy Great Composite Bow (U)
Speedy Great Spear
Speedy Large Hammer (U)
Speedy Pendant (U)
Speedy Short Sword (U)
Speedy Spiked Axe (U)
Speedy Svarskodd Jerkin (U)
Speedy Two-Handed Sword (U)
Spiritbender Belt (U)
Spiritbender Double-bladed Axe (U)
Spiritbender Gem (U)
Spiritbender Hammer (U)
Spiritbender Pansarkedja Boots (U)
Spiritbender Weighted Bearded Axe (U)
Spiritbinder Padded Pants (U)
Sturdy Bracer (U)
Sturdy Chain Hauberk (U)
Sturdy Great Sword
Sturdy Hammer (U)
Sturdy Pansarkedja Sleeves
Sturdy Quilted Pants (U)
Sturdy Quilted Sleeves (U)
Sturdy Steeple Hat (U)
Swathe cutter's Gem (U)
Swathe cutter's Hooded Mantle (U)
Swathe cutter's Mjuklaedar Jerkin (U)
Swathe cutter's Pansarkedja Helm (U)
Swathe cutter's Starklaedar Leggings (U)
Thick White Pelt
Thrustbender Girdle (U)
Thrustbender Great Hammer (U)
Thrustbender Hooded Mantle (U)
Thrustbender Ivy Wreath (U)
Thrustbender Jewel (U)
Thrustbender Padded Sleeves (U)
Thrustbender Ring (U)
Thrustbender Small Hammer (U)
Thrustbender Starkakedja Leggings (U)
Thrustbender Svarskodd Jerkin (U)
Thrustbender Svarskodd Sleeves
Thrustbender Tower Shield (U)
Twilight Impaler
Twilight Soul Searer
Twilight-mail Boots
Twilight-mail Sleeves
Twisted Shadowsteel Lattice
Venomous Jewel (U)
Venomous Svarlaedar Helm (U)
Vial of Ghastly Vapors
Vial of Shimmering Essence
White Wolf Fang
Willful Battle Hammer
Willful Belt (U)
Willful Gem (U)
Willful Girdle (U)
Willful Great Spiked Hammer (U)
Willful Jewel (U)
Willful Large Hammer (U)
Willful Morning Star (U)
Willful Padded Boots (U)
Willful Pansarkedja Boots
Willful Pansarkedja Helm
Willful Pansarkedja Sleeves (U)
Willful Pendant (U)
Willful Ring (U)
Willful Round Shield (U)
Willful Spiked Hammer
Willful Svarkedja Boots (U)
Willful Svarkedja Gloves
Willful Svarkedja Leggings (U)
Willful Svarkedja Sleeves
Willful Two-Handed War Hammer (U)
Willful War Circlet (U)
Willful War Hammer (U)
Willful Wrap (U)
alpine cockatrice feather
aquamarine beryl
bag of coins
black opal
black star diopside
blue spinel
boreal cockatrice feather
cat's eye apatite
cat's eye opal
cat's eye tourmaline
chiller head
chrome diopside
crude fenrir statuette
crystalline orb
crystalline snowflake
flawless wyvern hide
frosted bone
frosted chiseler leg
frostweaver web
frosty colt hide
frosty hide
frosty leg
frosty scuttlebug leg
frozen orb
frozen spectral essence
frozen vapors
giant snowcrab leg
glacial mauler hide
golden horned figurine
green diamond
green sapphire
green tourmaline
hoary scrap of skin
ice lizard egg
ice lizard tail
icestrider leg
icestrider mandible
icy flute
icy slime
illegible scroll
large chest
large white wolf pelt
large winter wolf pelt
orange tourmaline
pilfered frost-covered coins
pink sapphire
precious heliodor
precious jasper
pristine frost hound hide
pristine frosty colt hide
pristine glacial mauler hide
pristine great lynx hide
pristine taiga cat hide
pristine white wolf pelt
pristine winter wolf pelt
pristine wyvern hide
red spinel
rime-covered bone
scrap of icy worm skin
silver cup
sleigh horse hide
small chest
snowy chiseler silk
snowy white wolf pelt
splinter of ice
tattered frost hound hide
tattered great lynx hide
tattered wyvern hide
vial of warm butter-like liquid
violet sapphire
water opal
winter wolf pelt
wolfhound hide
wolfhound's ear
wyvern hide
yellow diamond
yellow tourmaline
young wyvern hide


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