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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Mob: Skyros waylayer

Mob Summary Stats

Mob Name Lvl Avg (Min - Max) Soc.? Call? Scout? Aggro? Faction Avg Camp Avg Group Logs Total Killed Players Killed Deadliness Drop%
Skyros waylayer 45 (39 - 58) social aggressive, hostile, neutral Skyros Order 13 % 6 % 189 653 6 9 6 %

Mob level ranges may have occasional errors. Maximum detectable level is 67+. See submit page for more info.

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Zone Information (locations where this mob is found)

Zone Number Killed
Mesothalassa 653

Item Drop Information

In the game, a mob can have more than one different drop table. For example, frontier vs homeland, or different drops for different spawn levels of the mob. Currently, this bestiary only stores a single combined drop table per mob.

Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.
(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
Dianna Letter, 3 of 3 0.9 %6
Mariasha's Wall, piece 2 of 3 0.9 %6
Adroit Belt (U) 0.3 %2
Willful Runed Long Sword (U) 0.2 %1
Swathe cutter's Runed Coral Gloves (U) 0.2 %1
Stormcaller Runed Coral Pants 0.2 %1
Heatbender Runed Coffin Axe (U) 0.2 %1
Speedy Belt (U) 0.2 %1
Darkstrike Fortifying Runed Coral Boots 0.2 %1
Willful Runed Coffin Hammer (U) 0.2 %1
Honed Runed Coral Helm (U) 0.2 %1
Speedy Runed Morning Star 0.2 %1
Speedy Runed Coral Pants (U) 0.2 %1
Mariasha's Wall, piece 3 of 3 0.2 %1
Arcane Runed Coral Gloves (U) 0.2 %1
Bodystrike Speedy Ring (U) 0.2 %1
Adroit Runed Hammer (U) 0.2 %1
Adroit Runed Great Hammer (U) 0.2 %1
Kerubis' Scythe 0.2 %1
Perforator Runed Coral Gloves 0.2 %1
Mighty Runed Coffin Hammer (U) 0.2 %1
Bodystrike Arcane Runed Morning Star (U) 0.2 %1
Speedy Pendant (U) 0.2 %1
Speedy Cloak (U) 0.2 %1
Willful Runed Coral Boots (U) 0.2 %1
Speedy Ring (U) 0.2 %1
Mighty Runed Coral Helm (U) 0.2 %1
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
bag of coins 82 %534
small chest 5 %33
cat's eye apatite 4 %28
green sapphire 4 %25
yellow tourmaline 2 %12
ceremonial wrist wraps 2 %10
ceremonial belt 1 %8
scaled bracer 1 %7
crude mithril belt 0.9 %6
precious jasper 0.8 %5
scaled belt 0.8 %5
large chest 0.6 %4
crude mithril choker 0.5 %3
refined mithril belt 0.5 %3
unadorned mithril necklace 0.5 %3
refined hide mantle 0.3 %2
ceremonial signet ring 0.3 %2
unadorned mithril belt 0.3 %2
unadorned hide cloak 0.3 %2
refined mithril choker 0.2 %1
scale plated belt 0.2 %1
cermonial signet ring 0.2 %1
scale plated bracelet 0.2 %1
scale plated signet ring 0.2 %1
refined mithril locket 0.2 %1
crude mithril charm 0.2 %1
TOTAL:107 %

Faction Information

Killing this mob DECREASES faction with:
Skyros Order
Killing this mob INCREASES faction with:
Melos Alliance
Naxos Society

Proximity Information (mobs that "Skyros waylayer" is found close to)

The higher the score, the more of that mob are likely to be found near a Skyros waylayer.

In Zone: Mesothalassa

Mob NameScore
Skyros tracker588
Skyros waylayer395
Skyros swiftfin364
Skyros tidal warrior349
Skyros monitor301
Skyros guros228
Skyros breaker225
Skyros reaper116
choker octopus102
Skyros sea mage85
Skyros stalker77
Skyros tidal soldier58
Skyros nullifier48
Skyros deepblade45
Skyros Sea Warrior35
Skyros peltast34
net ripper barracuda31
Skyros camouflager30
cold water stingray29
Skyros stormbringer20
Skyros harpooner16
Skyros sky mage12
Skyros trapper11
Skyros spearfisher10
diver ray8
Skyros harvester6
Skyros typhoon5
Skyros drifter4
Skyros trumpeter3
triton shaman3
Naxos cultivator2
Naxos sentinel1
triton ghostly guardian1
nereid ghostly guardian1
Naxos frostblade1
Naxos skulker1
Naxos rymester1
Skyros high priestess1
Naxos traveller1
Naxos suppressor1


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