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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Mob: Kakhet Siam-he priest

Mob Summary Stats

Mob Name Lvl Avg (Min - Max) Soc.? Call? Scout? Aggro? Faction Avg Camp Avg Group Logs Total Killed Players Killed Deadliness Drop%
Kakhet Siam-he priest 61 (57 - 67+) social calls aggressive Devourer of Millions 30 % 28 % 70 452 18 40 13 %

Mob level ranges may have occasional errors. Maximum detectable level is 67+. See submit page for more info.

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Zone Information (locations where this mob is found)

Zone Number Killed
Typhon's Reach 426
Ashen Isles 26

Item Drop Information

In the game, a mob can have more than one different drop table. For example, frontier vs homeland, or different drops for different spawn levels of the mob. Currently, this bestiary only stores a single combined drop table per mob.

Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.
(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
Regarding Shades, 1 of 3 4 %20
Ring of Fire, Scroll 3 of 3 0.9 %4
Sturdy Runed Coffin Mace (U) 0.7 %3
Story of Malice, 2 of 3 0.7 %3
Tale of a Flask, 2 of 3 0.7 %3
Empowering Runed Magma Sleeves (U) 0.4 %2
Fortifying Runed Magma Pants (U) 0.4 %2
Darkstrike Earthshaker Runed Magma Sleeves 0.4 %2
Mighty Bracelet (U) 0.2 %1
Spiritbender Runed Great Hammer 0.2 %1
Mighty Runed War Hammer 0.2 %1
Empowering Runed War Hammer 0.2 %1
Forestbound Girdle (U) 0.2 %1
Bodymender Runed Dire Buckler 0.2 %1
Firestrike Mighty Runed Leaf Sword 0.2 %1
Forestbound Runed Hammer 0.2 %1
Glib Runed Mace 0.2 %1
Fortifying Gem (U) 0.2 %1
Arcane Runed Magma Gloves 0.2 %1
Thunderer Runed Magma Boots 0.2 %1
Mighty Runed Dagger 0.2 %1
Forestbound Drum 0.2 %1
Rejuvenating Runed Magma Boots (U) 0.2 %1
Exhaustive Mystical Runed Coffin Mace 0.2 %1
Fortifying Runed Magma Boots (U) 0.2 %1
Earthshaker Runed Magma Pants (U) 0.2 %1
TOTAL:13 %
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
bag of coins 85 %386
yellow tourmaline 15 %67
large chest 13 %60
precious jasper 8 %36
small chest 8 %35
sulfuric ash 7 %30
scalesia atractyloides 6 %25
black sapphire 5 %22
volcanic tephra 4 %17
caldera cap 4 %17
snowflake obsidian 3 %12
alkali feldspar 2 %10
vial of alkali water 2 %10
nitrogen-rich ash 2 %7
solfatara algae 1 %5
blue diamond 0.9 %4
nuees ardentes ashes 0.9 %4
rhyolite 0.4 %2
volcanic moss 0.4 %2
vial of fumarole gasses 0.2 %1
accretionary lava ball 0.2 %1
TOTAL:167 %

Faction Information

Killing this mob DECREASES faction with:
Devourer of Millions
Killing this mob INCREASES faction with:

Proximity Information (mobs that "Kakhet Siam-he priest" is found close to)

The higher the score, the more of that mob are likely to be found near a Kakhet Siam-he priest.

In Zone: Ashen Isles

Mob NameScore
Kakhet Siam-he warrior20
Kakhet Siam-he priest20
Kakhet Siam-he warlock18
Sahathor Siam-he warrior2

In Zone: Typhon's Reach

Mob NameScore
Kakhet Siam-he priest845
Kakhet Siam-he warrior362
Kakhet Siam-he warlock315
Sahathor Siam-he warlock36
Ausar Siam-he warrior22
Kakhet's Charm20
lava bug12
Sahathor Siam-he warrior7
Sahathor Siam-he priest6
Taharga's Charm4
Sahathor's Charm4
Nebkare's Charm4
Ausar Siam-he priest4
taur skopos3
Nebkare Siam-he priest3
taur iater3
Nebkare Siam-he warrior3
Setau's Charm3
taur toxotes2


Mob NameScore
Kakhet Siam-he warrior1
Kakhet Siam-he priest1


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