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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

News - Camelot Auto-Bestiary

PLEASE NOTE: This site's functionality has not been updated since 2005 (and I have not played the game since before then), but as far as I know everything still works...

March-29-2005: Fixed a bug that meant if you uploaded logs with an unrecognized zone name, you didn't get a friendly error message, and couldn't finish the submit. Please try again and let me know if it tells you zone names are missing. Sorry about that!

January-3-2005: Catacombs expansion support is ready! Please let me know if you find any problems, as I don't yet have the expansion myself. Also can someone please let me know if the zone list is right (as I had to wing it a bit)?

Thanks to those who answered the poll -- community feedback is a big help! After catacombs support, the second biggest request was advanced item search capability. Since I won't have time to do this myself in the next month or two, I'd love to enlist the help of the community. You should be a programmer with at least a couple years of experience and good working knowledge of Java/JSP and MySQL. Please email me (see bottom of page for emailing instructions) if you'd like to help, and I'll send you details. (And I'll even give you credit on the site and your own page if you want it :)

November-21-2004: Yes, I'm still here... I've been making small updates over the months (as always) but nothing big enough to announce. Also continuing to try to fix data issues as I can find them. Now I'd like to find out what features people would care about -- no promises on what I'll have time for though. Please take this poll -- you should also be able to post comments too if you feel so inclined.

July-26-2004: A few new features:
-> When you view all the delve variations for an item, they now display the most recent date that each variation was observed, and are sorted with the newest first. This should help for determining what the "current" stats for an item are.
-> In item lists, unique items (ROG) are now marked with a "(U)". Look for them to be grouped together into a single expandable "Unique Items" line in the future!
-> Other misc maintenance, parser updates, data corrections, etc...

June-16-2004: Fixed a bug with items delved from market explorers (Mythic apparently added a housing zone prefix to the item name). Please report problems like this if you see them!

June-13-2004: I added the new Frontiers zones: Passage of Conflict, Proving Grounds, The Lions Den, The Hills of Claret, Killaloe, Braemar, Wilton, Molvik, Leirvik, North Sea. (What is the other sea called? South Sea?) After 1.70 goes live, because logs will finally start including "You have entered..." messages for dungeons, you may get errors submitting logs if Mythic is using different names for the dungeons than those currently on this site. Please let me know ASAP if you know of zone names that I need to change to match Mythic's names.

May-31-2004: Two additions to the browse page. First, a downloadable list of all items with their delve text. Hopefully some folks will find this useful for importing into a spellcrafting calculator or other tools. Second, a list of all artifacts that have been delved into this database. By popular request, I will try to start tracking which mobs can be fought to level each type of artifact (it's not yet implemented, but is high on my list).

May-6-2004: Thanks Lemak for suggesting I add Celestius and for setting the record straight on that dungeon in Volcanus -- I've combined Heart of Volcanus and Typhon's Palace into one zone, Deep Volcanus. Apparently they are all the same place... I'm working on cleaning up the database errors still -- there are a lot of mobs that still seem to be placed in the wrong zones. Please be careful on those submits! Thankfully though, it appears that in patch 1.70 Mythic will finally add "You have entered..." messages when you zone to a new area!!!
And in other news, we've crossed the 5000 log barrier!

Apr-3-2004: I've continued to make corrections in the database and added mobs to the mob exclusion list (thanks to those who sent me additions by email!). I also added a How to Help page so you can easily see how to support this site. Also, I have been trying to come up with an algorithm to determine from any item name whether it is a unique item (ROG) or not -- but it has turned out to be more difficult than I expected. If you'd like to help with this (c'mon, it'll be fun! :), please email me and I'll give you more specifics.

Mar-21-2004: Sorry about the downtime -- I ran into some hosting issues -- but I think everything is back to normal (fingers crossed!). Please let me know if you see any server problems in the next few days...

Feb-8-2004: Sorry for the long silence -- I have been extra busy with real life -- but am now back to adding new features... One of the new changes is that pets, realm guards and other non-huntable-for-XP mobs are now filtered out. Please help me complete the list to remove any mobs I missed. Also, would someone please tell me the difference between Typhon's Palace, Heart of Volcanus, and Deep Volcanus so I can fix the zone list? I can't find an explanation anywhere and my character isn't that far along yet *sniff*.

Dec-8-2003: Now when you upload a log you can view a summary of the data submitted from your log, and you can send the link to others if you choose.

Nov-28-2003: Item stats parsing is up and running!!! Whenever you delve an item (default: shift-I), the stats are written to the log file... Now the bestiary parser reads the raw delve text and adds it to the item database. Searching item stats is not yet implemented, but it will take a little time for the stats database to grow anyway. DELVE, DELVE, DELVE! Drops, inventory, vault, market explorers, etc!

Nov-19-2003: Just added a quick feature I should have done ages ago. Now each faction page (showing the mobs for a faction group) also tells you how to RAISE that faction. Enjoy.

Nov-5-2003: Time to unveil a much awaited new feature... Now the zone browse pages show the named item drop rate ('Drop%') for each mob! You can sort by this column and compare drop rates for many mobs at once. (Some rates need more data to be accurate, so keep submitting those logs!) Stay tuned for parsing of ITEM DELVE STATS -- it's the next big thing on my list. I also fixed a bug that was creating some 'IllegalString' entries in the database for Atlantis items.

Oct-30-2003: Trials of Atlantis zones have been added -- please report any problems submitting ToA logs.

Oct-23-2003: Check out the most wanted list -- the 'not yet killed' mobs are now grouped by realm and zone to make them easier to find -- so get hunting! :) Other improvements are ongoing...

Oct-08-2003: Hmmm... 1.65 is now live and there is still no consistent message that appears either on screen or in the log file when you port between zones. (By 'porting' I mean any zone change that shows the loading screen -- such zone changes used to close the log file). The parser needs some indicator to know you ported to a new zone. The only time such an indicator exists is the "Guild Message:" line that appears if you are in a guild with a guild message set. That should let this parser work for many (most?) logs, but not everyone's. Please ask Mythic to provide a consistent zoning message for everyone!!!

Oct-01-2003: I'm back. I have not been able to work on this much in the last few months, but hopefully you'll see more updates coming soon. I just raised the log size limit to 3 MB (by request). I also linked to a new "mob observations" page that shows you for each mob what the different log reports for that mob were. This should make it easier to spot and report errors. Also added database summary statistics on the home page, and added level info to the list of mobs for a given faction.

Aug-24-2003 UPDATE 2: Log submissions are re-enabled for now. I implemented a partial workaround, but if too many mobs starting winding up in the wrong zone, I will have to disable again until Mythic provides a better solution.

Aug-24-2003 UPDATE: Notice anything different? I separated the [previously enormous] home page into more sub pages. I also added the nine housing zones, and the three new Shrouded Isles bonus zones (which are only on Pendragon so far). Still no sign of Mythic helping out with the zone message, but thanks to those who have sent them feedback. I have had some emails from European players who are not yet at patch 1.64 and would like to continue submitting -- I'll try to find a way to allow some log submissions ASAP.

Aug-12-2003 UPDATE: Unfortunately Mythic is making patch 1.64 live today with the problem described below. I have had to disable all further log submissions until Mythic fixes this by adding a zoning message. If I allowed further submissions with this patch live, all sorts of outdoor and dungeon mobs would show up mixed and in the wrong zone. THE MORE PEOPLE WHO CONTACT MYTHIC AND ASK THEM TO MAKE THE CHANGE DESCRIBED BELOW, THE MORE LIKELY THIS WILL BE FIXED IN A FUTURE PATCH!! Thanks for your support.

Jul-28-2003 IMPORTANT: Patch 1.64a on Pendragon includes "The CHAT.LOG file will no longer be automatically closed when you zone". While this sounds like a good thing, the current implementation on Pendragon does not display the new zone name after you zone! (Nor is it written to the log file). THIS MEANS THE AUTO-BESTIARY SUBMISSION PARSER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TELL WHEN YOU HAVE PORTED TO A NEW ZONE SO IF THIS GOES LIVE I WILL HAVE TO DISABLE ALL NEW BESTIARY SUBMISSIONS!!!! If you like this bestiary, please send feedback to Mythic ASAP and ask them to add a message for when you port to a new zone (now that the log remains open while porting). Ideally it would be like the ordinary (non-port) zone message (i.e., "You have entered Darkness Falls"), but even "You have ported to another zone" would be sufficient! On a positive note, the patch also adds logging of item delve info, which means in the future this bestiary has the potential to capture and display item stats!


Send notifications of errors in the database content, feedback (positive or negative), bug reports, suggestions, etc to daoc@spamfree.mindkayak.com. (Remove the 'spamfree.' prefix to email me successfully.)
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