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Camelot Auto-Bestiary: Submit a Log

Thank you for choosing to submit a log to the bestiary! The mob database cannot grow without your support.


  1. Save a log file while playing (the default key is 'L' to enable logging). Results will be best if you enable display of others' death messages (because this includes mobs), and display of mob item drops.
  2. After playing, find your DAoC game directory and look for the 'chat.log' file. Rename 'chat.log' (or move it to another directory) so next time you log a new separate chat.log will be created.
  3. The log file should be from a single time period of 6 hours or less, though it is okay if the log was opened and closed multiple times within that period. (But if your log contains multiple sessions spanning days or weeks, use a text editor (e.g., notepad or wordpad) to separate it into smaller log files before uploading any!)
  4. The log file must be 3 MB or less (otherwise the upload will fail!)
  5. The log file you upload must start with a log opened line (e.g., "*** Chat Log Opened: Mon Oct 07 20:38:48 2002").
  6. Currently only English-language logs will work.


  1. After hunting with other people, it is better if only one person from the group or raid submits a log (otherwise the statistics are skewed slightly by the duplication).
  2. RvR activity will be ignored by the parser.
  3. Try to stand close enough to mobs when they die so that drop messages show up.
  4. Don't bother hunting mobs that con grey, they won't give bestiary data.
  5. Item stats/delve info (Shift-I) is added to the item database (except crafted items).

Choose Log File

Is this log from version 1.70 (the Frontiers patch) or later? Yes No
(June 22, 2004 or later on US Servers -- zone transition logging improved in this version)

Is at least one true for this log? If so, type yes:

Player level (1-50):
(Enter either your character's average level during the session, or your best guess of the average level of everyone in your party -- this is used in the Camelot Flow graph to display "con" color and to calculate xpcaps/min, but doesn't really matter for the bestiary)

Party Size (1-8):
(How many players were in your hunting party? If the size changed over time, enter the LARGEST size you had during this session. This is used to help calculate mob levels.)

As a special bonus, you will be able to view the Camelot Flow graph of your log. What screen resolution should the output image be sized for?
Custom: Width: Height:

Log file to upload (< 3 MB):

NOTE 1/3/2005: Catacombs support is ready! Please let me know if you find any problems. Also, the parser will ignore instanced zones (I wasn't sure if they would be useful to include given that mob levels adjust within them).

NOTE 10/19/2003: Are you on a PvP server? If so, please DO NOT SUBMIT ANY LOGS... I just discovered that PvP logs don't behave very well in the current parser. I will try to fix the problems when I have time. Please email me if you know the PvP server rules and would like to help. Thanks.

Click the 'Process log' button once only and WAIT -- it can take up to a minute (possibly more for slower connections) to upload a large log file! (it may look like nothing is happening, but please be patient).

Mob Level Detection Limitations

(In case you are curious, but not necessary to know in order to submit a log)
  1. Mistakes/ambiguity. The algorithm used to calculate mob level sometimes makes mistakes, as there are sometimes a couple possible mob levels depending on what the player party size was.
  2. Party size fluctuation. If the party size you hunted with changed much during the session (e.g., 4 players then 8 players), some mob level estimations may be wrong.
  3. Pet(s) used. If anyone in the group fights with a pet, mob level usually cannot be calculated from the log due to exp drain.
  4. Challenge code kicks in. If the group has a wide enough range of levels, the "challenge code" kicks in and lower experience is awarded. This prevents mob levels from being calculable.
  5. Experience cap hit. If you fight high enough level mobs you will hit your experience cap. The highest level mob that can be detected is 66 -- anything above is listed as "67+".
  6. Multi-group raids. If more than one player group was attacking the mob, level cannot be detected from exp.
  7. Other (?). There seem to be other things that penalize experience (e.g., perhaps some damage adds?) but I'm not sure what -- please email me if you know.

Even if mob levels cannot be calculated, your log submissions still provide other useful info such as item drop rates.


Send comments, bug reports, suggestions, etc to daoc@spamfree.mindkayak.com. (Remove the 'spamfree.' prefix to email me successfully.) Brought to you by Caelnar of Chaos Engine (Igraine, Hibernia).
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