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Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot automatically generated bestiary!

A database of mobs (monsters) with levels, zones, items dropped, and much more! All of the information in the database (with the exception of realm and zone names) is automatically extracted from DAoC log files.

Recent News

PLEASE NOTE: This site's functionality has not been updated since 2005 (and I have not played the game since before then), but as far as I know everything still works...

March-29-2005: Fixed a bug that meant if you uploaded logs with an unrecognized zone name, you didn't get a friendly error message, and couldn't finish the submit. Please try again and let me know if it tells you zone names are missing. Sorry about that!

January-3-2005: Catacombs expansion support is ready! Please let me know if you find any problems, as I don't yet have the expansion myself. Also can someone please let me know if the zone list is right (as I had to wing it a bit)?

Thanks to those who answered the poll -- community feedback is a big help! After catacombs support, the second biggest request was advanced item search capability. Since I won't have time to do this myself in the next month or two, I'd love to enlist the help of the community. You should be a programmer with at least a couple years of experience and good working knowledge of Java/JSP and MySQL. Please email me (see bottom of page for emailing instructions) if you'd like to help, and I'll send you details. (And I'll even give you credit on the site and your own page if you want it :)

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Add to the Bestiary

The auto-bestiary needs YOU! Please submit your logs to help build the database -- whether or not the mobs you hunted are already catalogued. The more data that is submitted, the more reliable the statistics (mob level, item drop rates, etc) will be.

Submit a log to enhance the bestiary    <--- Please help!!!!!

Database Statistics

Mobs:7,070 Items:22,645 Factions:236
Zones:191 Logs Submitted:9,088 Named Submitters:651

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Upcoming Features

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